Campus Report Card

Click here to view the CJHS 2017-18 campus report card.

Follow the links in the article below to view other campuses and/or districts throughout the state.

Texas Education Agency Updates

The 2017-18 School Report Cards (SRC) are now available on the Texas Education Agency’s website at The purpose of the SRC is to inform parents and guardians about a campus’s individual characteristics and its academic performance.

For people who would like greater detail about the information in the SRC, the glossary that accompanies the 2017-18 Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) is a useful resource. It contains definitions and methodologies for all the information included in the SRC. The data in the SRC is a subset of that published in the TAPR. The TAPR Glossary is available on the TEA website at

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Contact Information
Texas Education Agency
Office of Academics
Penny Schwinn, Chief Deputy Commissioner
Performance Reporting–Jamie Crowe, Executive Director
(512) 463-9704