CJHS School Day -- 7:50 a.m.-3:16 p.m.

 * Parent/legal guardian with whom student resides must accompany student and show State-issued picture ID, i.e. driver's license.  If student lives with someone other than parent/legal guardian with official paperwork, you must also have notarized power of attorney.
 * Specific proof of residence according to District policy (form available)
 * Student's health/immunization records
 * Student's social security card
 * Student's birth certificate
 * Student's 2016-17 final or current report card
 * Student's latest standardized test results.

Parents should allow at least one hour  to complete registration procedures.

UIL Academic Team - 2018 District Runner UP

UIL Academic Meet Day 1 Results - Tuesday, January 23, 2018

7th Grade

Impromptu Speaking
1st place - Elaine Grogan
4th place - Devin Allison

Oral Reading
2nd place - Kipton Travis

Editorial Writing
2nd place - Rachel Monroe
6th place - Kipton Travis

8th Grade

Oral Reading
1st place - Caroline Stacy

Ready Writing
2nd place - Luke Horton

Congratulations !!!!

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